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Fast, Easy Vegetable Garden  
Author: Jerry Baker
ISBN: 0452281040
Format: Handover
Publish Date: June, 2005
   Book Review

Book Description
Jerry Baker answers thousands of questions sent to him from gardeners in every climate, and tackles such tough questions as how to lay out the vegetable garden for maximum efficiency, how to pick the right spot, how to improve the soil, and what and when to plant. Along with his practical, safe, and easy tips for growing a fabulous vegetable garden, Baker gives fresh solutions to common problems including what to grow in that shady corner, how to handle aphids and leaf blight, and how to water while keeping the foliage dry.

Fast, Easy Vegetable Garden


Ask Jerry Baker, America's Master Gardener:Which vegetables shall I start from seed and when is it wiser to buy bedding plants?How can I tell if my garden needs fertilizer before planting?How can I get my tomatoes to produce the most fruit?What's the fastest way to make compost?What makes lettuce grow sweet and tender?What's the best ammunition for winning the "bug wars"?Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, whether you've got a big patch to fill or just a few boxes on your windowsill, whether you believe in going organic or are willing to give nature a chemical boost, Jerry Baker, America's Master Gardener, can help you. His book is full of savvy advice, practical shortcuts, inspiration, canny strategies, and time-tested tips. From the first stages of planning to preparing and storing your plentiful produce, here are all of Jerry's "how-to" secrets on choosing seeds, preparing the soil, planting, container gardening, herb gardening, conquering bugs and blotches, organic gardening, and much more.

Fast, Easy Vegetable GardenStep-by-step instructions for gardening successState-by-state weather figures, first and last frost datesNutritional values of popular vegetablesAnswers to the most-asked gardening questions


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